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Food Complements

What is a food supplement? 

Food supplements are products that contain nutrients or other authorized food substances and their purpose is to supplement the diet to obtain greater benefits in the body.

Food supplements are vitamins and minerals, amino acids or plants, which are intended, for example, to improve the situation of fatigue or stress, sleep better, have better intestinal flora, or better defenses.

If you have developed a food supplement, you want to import a food supplement that is in another country, or you want to export it, we can help you.

The services we offer:

  • Legal analysis of the product to determine if it is a food supplement.
  • Communication of placing on the market.
  • Advice on labeling and legal ingredients.
  • Processing of the national code of parapharmacy (CN).
  • Product development, distribution and commercialization contracts. Confidentiality contract.
  • Advertising and promotion: legal limits, analysis of advertising campaigns for TV, radio, social networks, press and professional meetings.
  • Management and processing of the registration in the General Sanitary Registry of Food and Food Companies for manufacturers, distributors and importers.