pharmacy and law


Pharmaceutical industry

We interact with the pharmaceutical industry, which we advise as an external company and to which we facilitate training programs.

Services we highlight:

We advise on the management of administrative procedures for putting on the market Spanish and, where appropriate, European, of health products (medical devices), cosmetics and biocides. 

We do external reports on advertising matters and on the launch of new services aimed at healthcare professionals or citizens.

We provide content for training and our own products such as ebooks or courses that can be accredited.


What else do we do:

  • Advice and management of quality seals in medical devices, cosmetics and biocides. 
  • Technology. Advice on web and mobile applications, especially aimed at ehealth and mhealth.
  • Advice on the impact of some services or products on data protection.
  • Face-to-face and online training, aimed at internal or external personnel.