pharmacy and law



In addition to creativity, promotional material and advertising actions must be in accordance with the regulations and codes of conduct of the sector, whether they are actions with third parties or in-house. Advertising can be through the delivery of materials, but also through social networks, where there are also restrictions.

From Farmacia y Derecho we have the mission of ensuring that the advertising and promotion that you are going to carry out is done within the legal framework. In addition, given our comprehensive knowledge of the sector, we help you shape your campaigns.


The services we offer:

  • Advice on content and advertising materials.
  • Review of advertising and promotional materials: legal limits, analysis of advertising campaigns for TV, radio, networks, press and professional meetings.
  • Advertising and promotional contracts.
  • Development of marketing policies for the company.
  • Forms of communication between sellers or representatives and the end customer.

Impact case made in Pharmacy and Law: the review, advice and elaboration of changes for this Promofarma ad that had a great impact.