pharmacy and law

We provide legal solutions so that the company or the professional
You can safely go about your tasks.


We advise pharmacies on a day-to-day basis, before the Administration, in the Courts and in front of third parties and clients. We give realistic solutions to the problems posed to us. We know the sector.

Health professionals

We advise healthcare professionals in the performance of their activity. We provide solutions to conflicts that arise in the administrative, private or judicial fields.

Hospitals and medical consultations

We make it easier for hospitals and medical consultations to comply with the LOPDGDD, the implementation of new services and how to advertise them. We advise on labor issues.

Social health centers

We help social health centers in medical and pharmaceutical management, in their contact and relationship with the Administration, with residents and their families. We provide realistic solutions.

Pharmaceutical industry

As external consultants we advise on matters such as LOPDGDD or the implementation of new services, the relationship with the delegates or the realization of in-house, distance and face-to-face training.

Spain companies

Toda empresa que se relacione con la salud o con sus profesionales nos puede necesitar para hacer sus contratos, gestionar su sociedad desde su misma constitución, o gestionarles la documentación técnica y legal para la comercialización de sus productos.

Foreign companies

We advise foreign companies in placing their sanitary products, biocides and cosmetic products on the market. We carry out the procedures for the quality seals.