pharmacy and law


Social health centers

Social health centers require our services to ensure that the services they offer comply with current regulations.

Services we highlight:

We have experience in managing the way of dispensing medicines in health centers, for this reason we help centers to improve the way they provide medication to their residents.

We are experts in managing administrative sanctioning files.

We prepare contracts with residents to include the benefits that are provided in the center in compliance with the LOPDGDD

What else do we do:

We advise the socio-health center in its internal organization:

  • Advice on team management, sanctions and dismissals
  • Advice on the transmission of health centers.
  • Advice on the implementation of new technologies and services
  • Advice on brand and online positioning.
  • Advice on data protection.
  • Advice on the implementation of web and ecommerce.

We advise the socio-sanitary center in its relationship with the Administration and in court:

  • Management of openings, modifications, works and closure.
  • Advice and defense in disciplinary proceedings:
  • Advice on the management of agreements.
  • We help the socio-health center to comply with the LOPDGDD
  • We advise you on brand and logo registration
  • We advise them on labor matters: layoffs, sanctions and labor procedures.

We advise the socio-health center in its relationship with third parties:

  • Contracts with their residents and relatives
  • Management of residents' disabilities
  • Contracts with third parties for the provision of services