pharmacy and law



We have been advising pharmacies since 1992 in management and internal decision-making, but also in their relations with the Administration and with third parties. In addition, through Isabel Marín Abogados, we defend your interests in court.

Services we highlight:

We have experience in making participation account contracts to facilitate the entry of external capital into the pharmacy.

We know how to treat the pharmacy as a family business and manage its transfer with attention to all members of the family, ensuring the criteria that interest the owner and facilitating a quiet and safe inheritance.

We are experts in defending the pharmacy against possible sanctions and We manage them from the beginning to the end, including the judicial process.

We facilitate the management of the obligations of Data Protection in a personalized way in our online application. We advise the pharmacy in cybersecurity and in the implementation of new technologies, ecommerce and web.


What else do we do:


We advise the pharmacy in its internal organization:

  • Advice on team management, sanctions and dismissals
  • Advice on the transmission of the pharmacy with attention to family circumstances, which we solve as a whole.
  • Advice on the implementation of new technologies and services
  • Advice on brand and online positioning.
  • Advice on data protection.
  • Advice on the implementation of web and ecommerce.


We advise the pharmacy in its relationship with the Administration and in judicial proceedings:

  • Management of openings, transfers and transfers of pharmacy offices. First aid kits.
  • Advice and defense in disciplinary proceedings:
  • Advice on the placing on the market of a cosmetic formula.
  • Advice on online sales, social networks and website.
  • Protection of pharmacy or service data 
  • Brand and logo registration
  • Apps and wearables. Analysis and corresponding records.
  • Dismissals, sanctions and labor procedures: administrative and judicial procedures.


We advise the pharmacy in its relationship with other pharmacies:

  • Negotiation in professional matters (schedules, guards, etc)
  • Claims for professional matters
  • Search for solutions to conflicts  


We advise the pharmacy in its relationship with third parties:

  • Participation account contracts
  • Management of claims made by individuals
  • Contracts with third parties for the provision of services
  • Analysis of conflicts of jurisdiction
  • Mediation